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Developing new therapeutics in the regenerative medicine fields

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RegStem is an innovative biotechnology and biopharmaceutical company repurposing and creating new drugs in the regenerative medicine fields.

Based at Paris Biotech Santé, a life science incubator in the center of Paris ( ) the company is engaged in the research, development and licensing of innovative molecules for use in Human therapies. Its mission is to bring to the market as well as license to pharmaceutical companies after clinical trials new pro regenerative drugs.

Our promises

Repurposing of marketed drugs

RegStem is repurposing drugs in the regenerative medicine fields. In particular the company will focus on the reconstitution and repair of bone marrow during acute aplasia and skin after scar by stimulating the stem cells but also controlling their differentiation and their environment.

Development of proprietary molecules

RegStem is also creating new molecules based on the screening of libraries that will be used in chronic diseases that impairs regenerative capacities of skin and muscles.



Meet our team


Florent Perin Dureau

MD, MSc, MBA , est président depuis 2018 . Il a suivi un programme MD-PhD (Ecole Normale Supérieure & Université de Paris) en anesthésiologie et en neuropharmacologie fondamentale (reçu NMDA dans le laboratoire du Pr Ascher avec Pierre Paoletti).

Il a exercé pendant huit ans comme intensiviste (Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, Fondation Rothschild) et est diplômé de l’ ESSEC Business School en Stratégie et Management des Industries de la Santé. Il a dirigé le Département-DP3 de l’Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament en 2012-2014, sur de nombreux domaines dont la tête et le cou, la médecine interne et la myologie. Il était alors chef du service de recherche clinique de l’Hôpital Foch, et également consultant pour les industries pharmaceutiques depuis 2017.


Raphael Gaillard

M.D, Ph.D is one of the founders of RegStem and is a member of the management committee. After medical and scientific (Ecole Normale Supérieure) formation Raphael Gaillard obtained his Ph.D in Pr. Lionel Naccache and Pr. Stanislas Dehaene’s laboratory on the molecular basis of consciousness followed by post-doctoral studies in Cambridge. Pr Raphael Gaillard is now the head of the psychiatric division of Sainte Anne Hospital in Paris and involved in many early as well as late molecule development in the pharmacological and clinical areas. He is focusing on the clinical development of the different R&D programs of RegStem.


Fabrice Chretien

M.D, Ph.D is one of the founders of RegStem and is a member of the management committee. After a Ph.D in neurology and a post doctorate on muscle regeneration, Pr Fabrice Chretien created his laboratory at the Pasteur Institute in 2010. The laboratory is composed of 25 people and is hosting RegStem pre-clinical activities. Pr. Fabrice Chretien is the head of neuropathology department at the Sainte Anne hospital and a member of the board of the Pasteur Institute, Director of Program Assessement and Follow-up Department at INSERM. He is focusing on the preclinical development of RegStem.

We’re recruting !

RegStem is offering a number of opportunities across a spectrum of disciplines, including science, (engineer, research assistant, researchers, postdoctoral, PhD students), regulatory and medical affairs. We are also committed to discovering and nurturing the talents of those who can contribute to our mission through internships with qualified students from a variety of majors (Science and Business).

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